About PatientPartner

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Project Objectives

  1. To gather structured information on the needs and wishes of patients, and to investigate how European patient organisations can successfully participate in clinical trials (best practices) (Work Package 2). 

  2. To set up the discussion platform named European Network of Patients partnering in Clinical Research (ENPCR) to further explore the specific thematic focuses of the project and finally, to establish a structure that enables patient organisations to engage in dialogue with other stakeholders on issues related to clinical trials (Work Package 3).

  3. To organise and stimulate dialogue between patient organisations and other stakeholders in the clinical trial field on how to (structurally) incorporate patients’ needs in the clinical trial process. This will be facilitated by organising five European workshops that will be based on the outcomes of the Work Package 2 inventory (Work Package 4).

  4. To develop tools that will help the stakeholders involved in the clinical trial field to actively engage with patient organisations in the clinical trial (development) process. This concerns guides for patient organisation and investigators, and recommendations for regulatory bodies throughout Europe (Work Package 5).

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