About PatientPartner

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About PatientPartner

The PatientPartner Project drew to a close in the summer of 2011. The project had set out to promote the role of patient organisations in the clinical trials context.

PatientPartner was based on the belief that involving patient organisations as equal partners at all stages of clinical trials contributes to research that is better adjusted to the real needs of patients.

PatientPartner was a three year project within the 7th Framework programme funded by the European Commission. The study looked closely at the part that patient organisations play and are willing to play in clinical trials and also focussed it’s attention on clinical trials with children, the use of biobanks and ethical issues.


Follow up

The PatientPartner recommendations to set up training activities for patient advocates in clinical research have been embedded in the IMI JU Funded project EUPATI (European Patient Academy on Therapeutic Innovation). More information on EUPATI can be found at www.patientsacademy.eu or send and email to info@patientsacademy.eu.


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