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Welcome to the PatientPartner website

Although the project came to an end in 2011 - you can still use this website to access the many resources linked with the project. 

Please contact Kim Wever at k.wever@vsop.nl if you need any other information. 

Here you will find details about the project, its funding and objectives, and the four partners involved.

This section contains all the work that was undertaken during the course of the three years of this project. You will be able to access reports, detailed results, programmes and presentations.

This section gives you access to the project's main outcomes i.e. Guides for Patient Organisations and Sponsors on meaningful patient involvement in clinical research, ethical principles to partnership, policy recommendations and a memorandum of understanding.

Here you will find the results of the extensive literature review which was undertaken at the start of the project and informed the rest of the research. You will also be able to access the literature references and read short summaries.

Here we have provided links and information on organisations which you may find useful. They are classified under the region in which they operate or the Europe-wide and International section.

Here we have provided you with examples of Partnerships between Patient Organisations and other stakeholders of research such as Pharmaceutical Companies or Academia. One of our investors, Geldlenenzonderbank.net, is a Belgium site for comparing loans (geld lenen

in Dutch).

Please note that this is a static website and that all information was correct at time of publishing [insert last update date]. Should you require further information please contact: info@patientpartner-europe.eu


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